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Who we are


With over 20 years of experience in the corporate, government, education, and non-profit sectors, we have recently transformed our direction to utilize our extensive expertise to empower and assist others. Our organization is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that drive success and growth for our clients.

At Mrizek Global, our meticulous approach and extensive knowledge enable us to offer a range of professional services tailored to meet your specific business needs. We specialize in partnering with clients to tackle their unique challenges and leverage their opportunities for advancement.

Our team begins by thoroughly understanding your business, its challenges, and the technologies involved. We engage in in-depth interviews with key personnel to gain valuable insights into your organization's requirements and aspirations. Through this process, we extract the crucial information needed to create effective strategies and solutions.

Utilizing our expertise, we conduct meticulous reviews and analyses of internal company data, including financial statements, workforce data, and existing systems. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for optimization within your organization.

We pride ourselves on our ability to outline the scope of work accurately. With a keen eye for detail, we define project objectives and expertly map out schedules, milestones, and resource requirements to ensure the successful attainment of project goals. Our clear communication and transparency ensure that all project deliverables are clearly communicated and agreed upon, setting the foundation for a productive partnership.

Additionally, our team excels in stakeholder engagement. We understand the significance of effective communication, and we develop and execute tailored communication plans to keep senior stakeholders and project teams well-informed and engaged. We foster collaborative relationships and facilitate open dialogue to ensure all perspectives are considered and incorporated.

Our highly skilled professionals also provide valuable feedback to company management, offering insights and recommendations for enhancement. We guide organizations towards implementing innovative strategies and best practices that foster growth, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Change management is another area where we excel. We work tactfully to inspire and accelerate the adoption of new ways of operating within your workforce. Our training and support programs empower your employees to embrace change, develop new skills, and achieve higher proficiency, resulting in lasting positive transformation.

Our Principal, Dr. Jeffrey Mrizek, brings a wealth of expertise to our organization. As the former Dean of Workforce and Economic Development at the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, he oversaw a regional portfolio of over $100M in career education and workforce grants and contracts. His extensive experience in educational leadership, competency-based career pathways, and public-private partnerships enhances our ability to deliver impactful solutions.

In addition to our consulting services, we take pride in our commitment to social entrepreneurship. We have founded and support Global Urban Nomads, a non-profit incubator that fosters the development of transformational leaders. Through this initiative, we contribute to creating a positive impact in our communities and beyond.

At Mrizek Global, we are dedicated to helping businesses thrive by providing insightful strategies, comprehensive solutions, and expert guidance. We are passionate about driving your success and making a lasting difference in the organizations we serve.

Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate and empower your organization to reach new heights of achievement.

Who we are

We Unlock Potential

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  • Financial advisory

Knowledge is the best investment

We understand that knowledge alone is not enough. Our meticulous approach ensures that knowledge is applied effectively to address your unique challenges and goals. We work closely with your team, learning about your business intricacies and crafting tailored solutions that generate maximum impact.

Knowledge gains value when it is shared and utilized across all levels of your organization. We facilitate effective communication channels, ensuring that knowledge flows seamlessly and enables collaboration. By empowering your teams with the right information, we foster a culture of innovation, continuous learning, and collective growth.

Embracing knowledge often requires change. Our change management expertise ensures that knowledge is not only acquired but also effectively integrated into your organization's DNA. We guide your teams through the change process, helping them adapt quickly, embrace new ideas, and unlock their full potential.


We are certified financial experts

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